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What’s a Lifestyle Session? Funny you should ask…

A few days ago I drove out to the country for a relaxed, informal family portrait session. This session was definitely NOT one where everyone sat still, posed perfectly and I counted to three and snapped my camera. It was a catch-me-if-you-can, not gonna look at you – no matter what funny noises you make kind of session.  This type of session may be just perfect for you. I love rolling around in the grass, laying in the middle of the street (yes I have done that on more than one occasion) and just generally chasing down your kids to get that one shot out of the many that will say, “This is who I am right now”.  Maybe your little girl really doesn’t feel like looking at me that day. It’s ok. I will wait till she’s looking at something else smiling, not really paying attention to me and bingo…

I will NOT look at that lady with the camera, but I see something over there I like...

Maybe we will be outside in a great location with yummy grapes growing on the vines and after eating a few, the kids have some juice on their shirt. No biggie. I can photoshop that out. Maybe they just want to run around. OK.

In all of that playing laughing and having fun, we will probably get some semi posed looking shots. Followed by more giggling and laughing. Sort of like these:

And who knows, maybe, right in the middle of the session, a praying mantis will decide to jump in and join in the fun. Um, yeah, keep it away from me but if you want it in your pictures, ok. Here is Pete, the praying mantis. He hung around for quite a while.

There may be some pretty flowers for picking. Your little boy may want to show them to me before he hands them to you so sweetly. I love that he picked flowers for his mama.

This is just an example of a fun “lifestyle” session. Think of it as a more relaxed, laid back family portrait session. It may be just what you would like. Guess what? I like them too. Thanks Hanway family for being a great example of a lifestyle session.

And then there’s this:

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And now for something a little different…

Before I became addicted to photographing humans, I really thought I wanted to be a food photographer. Well there’s really not much market for that and I thought I’d have to be a better cook. Anyway, Ree Drummond has the perfect food, family, fun, photography website. If you haven’t checked her out, you should. Here’s the link:    The Pioneer Woman  but wait, don’t go yet.  So after I decided she had the market on that, I thought about my dogs. We had two at that time, Molly and Sarge. Molly is gone now but Sarge is going strong. I thought how fun it would be to set up something with a pet groomer and see if folks wanted their dog’s portrait taken after their grooming session. It never really worked out although I still like the idea. What I like more is photographing pets (dogs mainly) in their surroundings interacting with their people. I’ve tried having a couple in the studio but most of them didn’t like the unfamiliar surroundings and plus, Sarge got really jealous. So anyway, I take LOTS of pictures of Sarge for 2 reasons. He’s an available subject who doesn’t moan and groan when I ask him if I can try something out with him, and number 2, he’s really a cute little guy. Here is a typical day in the life of my spoiled yorkie, Sarge. By the way, he is not a little delicate tea cup yorkie. I call him the “Uber Yorkie” because of his size. He’s quite loveable. I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into the life of my little 4 legged child. And if you have a dog (or cat, or bird or lizard, anything but a tarantula) you want a session for, please contact me. I will be happy to do it.

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Loran and Lloyd – Married

I knew right away when I met Loran and her mother Venette at our consultation that we were going to hit it off. They were about as laid back and relaxed as I have ever seen a bride and her mom be. I got the feeling that our goals for Loran’s wedding photography were matching up perfectly. As it turned out, everything went as smooth as could be and their day went off without a hitch.  What a stunning bride and mother of the bride! In fact if there were a beauty contest for such things they would win hands down! I mean really! The great part is that they are just as sweet as they are beautiful. 

The wedding location was the beautiful Liberty Hills Country Club and the Tuscan Ballroom at the same location. I had never been there before and all I can say is that I hope I can work there again. It was an awesome location. You should see the bride “getting ready suite”! Wow!! A huge mirrored vanity area with plenty of room and mirrors all around, a large sitting room with several couches, tables, chairs and a beautiful fireplace, a veritable hall of mirrors for the bride to put her dress on in and the prettiest little sitting area with a chaise lounge, a large window and beautiful decor. That’s only the bride area. The reception hall and grounds were equally fantastic as you will see.

There is a special story to these next few images. After Loran got her gown on, I took some portraits of her in the sitting area.


Then I invited her dad in to see his daughter for the first time in her gown. For those of you who are parents, this is quite an emotional time. Let’s just say I was crying before Loran’s dad even entered the room. The reason for the added emotion is that a couple of years ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and so no one knew if he would be at his daughter’s wedding. God smiled on them so we can happily flash forward and here they are, all healthy and together, waiting to enjoy this special day  as a family. Here was Royce when he came into the room. I do believe she took his breath away. Can’t you just feel something looking at his face? (I was just about going into the ugly cry!) The next few images speak for themselves.

Loran and Lloyd decided to have a “first look” time. For those of you who may not be familiar with this, it is a special private time before the ceremony for the bride and groom to see each other, with just the two of them and maybe their parents present. This is such a sweet time, if you’re planning your wedding, you might want to consider this option. It does not take anything away from the ceremony and I truly believe it is a special more relaxed time for the bride and groom to really enjoy some quiet moments together. I love these images. You can see the anticipation in Lloyds face, then the happiness and joy in both of their expressions.

After the first look, we had a few minutes to take some special photos of Loran and Lloyd along with the wedding party. The grounds are so pretty!

After we had this photography time, there was plenty of time for a break before the ceremony. The officiant came in and prayed, what a special time. There is no better way to start a marriage.

Now it was time for the ceremony to begin. What a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Time to give her away…One last hug.

Since we had all the photos done before the wedding (except one group shot) we could all go straight into the wonderful reception. The food was fantastic and the dj’s were hands down the best and most professional I have ever seen anywhere. Kelly and Susan at Partysounds KC  did a fantastic job and I highly recommend them.

At the end of the day, there was a beautiful sunset. Thanks so much Loran and Lloyd for letting me help capture your special day. God bless you both as you begin your life together.

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Haley, Torren and Kane

A few weeks ago, Haley and Torren welcomed little brother Kane home.  They all came over just this morning for Kane’s newborn pictures and some with his siblings. I get the feeling that mom Becky has no shortage of help from Haley and Torren right now. I also get the feeling that when Kane gets a little bigger, Torren and Kane will be great pals. I can just imagine little Kane toddling around after big brother Torren and getting into all sorts of trouble, err I mean fun. Can’t you just see Torren’s personality in these images? Becky and Matt, we think so much of you and how you are raising your children to be followers of the Lord. Becky, you helped us out so many times with Luke’s many football injuries, I don’t know what we would have done without you. God bless you all as your family grows in love and fun!


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