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Will You Marry Me?

It’s not every day I get to be present when a young man asks his  love to be his wife. That was just what happened a couple of weeks ago! Cory contacted me a few weeks before and asked if I could help him out with something.  Although I had some idea, I was a little surprised when he told me he wanted to pop the question and to know if I could be there and capture the event. I was surprised because I have known Cory literally since he was a little boy running around kicking a soccer ball and keeping us all in stitches with his funny personality. He was quite the cute little boy and is now a handsome young man. Beautiful Jessie came into his life about 6 years ago at church youth group and I do believe it must have been love at first sight, at least for Cory. It may have taken a little longer for Jessie’s feelings to grow. Time went by and little Cory grew up and captured the eye of Jessie. Eventually they began dating and …well, you can see for yourself! You can see the joy and happiness jumping out of these images. What a blessing to be present for their special time and now they want to share it with you too! Enjoy these images! (By the way, she said YES!)

These next two tell the story and their smiles say it all!

I think he is pretty proud of himself right about now!

God Bless you, Cory and Jessie! My prayer for you is that the joy you feel today will stay alive until you have celebrated your 50th wedding anniversary

and that there will be many more years after that! As long as you remember who is the source of your love and

joy and seek to live for Him, I know you will live happily ever after!  Thanks for letting me help with your surprise!

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The Evolution of an Image

When you come to my studio for a session, you may be  a little surprised by the small and humble size of my camera shooting area. While it is challenging sometimes, with the help of my husband, we have made good use of the limited space that we have. I have also learned to give the illusion of a larger area through some little photoshop tricks. Here are a couple of examples of my area seeming much larger than what it is.


Another fun thing I like to do is play around with backgrounds. I have some fun backgrounds with patterns, and I have the traditional brown, gray, and of course black and white.  They don’t look like too much when you see them, as you will soon see. However, again with a little help from photoshop, there is no limit to what we can do and where we can go. I was playing around today with this image of Brady and wanted something sort of grungy-retro. Here is what I came up with.


Be watching for more examples of this type of thing in the future, I never know where we will end up. (Now you know why my house is not very clean, I’m too busy “working”.) Don’t tell, but it is really a lot of fun to figure these things out.:)

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Happy Valentine’s Day – Vintage Pin Up Style

I really enjoy the classic vintage pin up style of years gone by. So when our daughter was in town a few weeks ago, we decided to have a little photo session. I wanted to share just one of the fun images we made that day. Look up “Rosie the Riveter” and you will see where the inspiration came from. I did a few more of these sessions with some ladies and we had a blast. I may try it again next year as a Valentine’s Day Special. Ladies, I know we never want to be in front of the camera. Just think for a minute of all of the old photos of your grandmothers when they were young (or younger). I don’t know about you but I love looking at those photos and imagining what was going on for them at that point in their life.  Guess what, we are not getting any younger my friends. Now is all we have. Don’t wait until to capture some fun memories for your future generations to cherish! 

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Kasey, Senior 2012

I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful young lady a few months ago and never blogged her shoot. (A recurring problem I have had lately.) Kasey is a vivacious, bright, fun young lady and quite an athlete. I so enjoyed spending the day with her and her mom. We had a great time and I am thankful I had the opportunity to help her with her senior portraits. Here are a few of my favorites from her session. God Bless you, Kasey, as you begin a new chapter in your life.

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Turning One is So Much Fun!

Especially when you are as cute as this and get to eat a bunch of cake! Paisly came over a while back and we got to take some adorable shots of her and then cut loose on some cupcakes! I never posted any of these images so I wanted to at least get a few of them blogged. Paisly, you’re a little doll!! We started things out with a sweet little dress.

Then I brought out THESE!

It started out innocently enough….

But when she was done, Paisly was pretty in pink. Icing that is! I have never seen icing quite this color nor covering quite so much of a baby! We had fun and have some priceless memories for mommy! Thanks for letting me do this session with you!

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