What’s Next?

If you are here, you have either booked a session or are wondering what goes on and how this all works. In either case, here’s the scoop.


The best time for the sleeping baby images that I love to take is usually before your new little bundle of joy is 2 weeks old. They are still super sleepy – during the day anyway:~). If I am doing a newborn session, I will really take plenty of time. I always allow time for feeding and trying to get your little one to sleep. Please do not feel stressed about the amount of time we schedule to get the perfect images of  your baby. Remember, you are not bringing your baby to a chain store photo studio and you will get my undivided attention for at least a couple of hours. One more thing, if we do an image where  your baby appears to be hanging in a cocoon from a branch, please feel at ease. The baby is NEVER in any danger and these images are actually composites of a couple of images. Your baby will not ever leave the security of your arms or a bean bag or solid prop. Also, it helps if you wait and feed baby here because they are more likely to be sleepy with a full tummy, but you do what is right for you and your baby.  In certain instances, I will be glad to come to your location.

One Year Old “Cake Smash” Session:

What fun we have during these sessions! Your provide your baby, any cute outfits you want and if you have it, a white cloth diaper cover. No worries if you don’t have one of those. I provide the fun, messy cake, clean up, and a bathtub for after the session. Believe me, your little one will need it.  Please let me know in advance what color frosting  you would like if you have a preference.  Allow for plenty of time for this session so you are not rushing to get baby cleaned up and get somewhere else.

Childhood Session:

I truly love kids, from babies right on up. Sometimes, they can be apprehensive about having their picture taken and feel a little shy in front of the camera. I will work very hard to make your child feel comfortable and have a good time with me. It is not unusual for me to be rolling on the floor, dancing around and making really strange faces and noises to get that real smile. And let me just add, I am not above bribing a child. I try not to resort to it but if it works to get the shot, I will do it!  If your child has special nutritional needs please let me know in advance. Please make sure your child has had something to eat and is not hungry or tired.  Believe me when I say, it doesn’t work to say to them, “I know you are hungry and we will go eat right after your have your picture taken.”  Bring whatever outfits you want your child to be in and if they have any special really meaningful greatly loved items (teddy bears, blankies, etc) that you want to be in the images, please feel free to bring them along. We can either do this session here in the studio in my home or at a location. We have so many great places here in the St Joe area for photos!

Senior Portraits:

The senior picture is an important rite of passage to many teens.  It’s a time of showcasing who they are becoming  just as they are venturing forth and before they leave for college or the military or whatever adventure they will launch into.  The senior portrait session will last a couple of hours and can either be on location(s) or here in the studio. We can easily do more than one session if you would like both indoor and out, as most people do. I do not restrict how many outfit changes so bring lots of things and we can work together to pick the best. You will receive more information on the Senior Portrait Info Sheet after your book your session.

Family Portraits:

Family is the most precious earthly gift God has given me. I can’t imagine what I would do without my family. I love taking family portraits, especially multiple generations. Due to the small size of my studio, if you have a family of more than four people we will have to do it on location, which is a great idea anyway for any size family.  The same ideas apply if you have small children in your family as for the childhood sessions. We want everyone well fed and happy if possible.  We have an abundance of great locations in the St Joe area for some special settings.


If you are interested in wedding photography, please call me at 816-387-1557. This may very well be one of the most important photography events in many people’s lives. I want to make sure that there is nothing left to chance. I have some special info for you and would love to meet with you over coffee to discuss your special day.

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